QuickBite: 10 Commandments of Outbound Lending

Having done outbound lending since the mid 90's, Pierre Cardenas has learned that there are some very important ingredients that need to be incorporated into a program in order for a credit union to enjoy higher levels of success. This session will identify the top 10 foundational requirements needed to have an effective outbound lending program. This session will also demonstrate that
  • Loans through outbound lending can exceed that of a CU’s branches
  • A CU should dig deeper into its current members not doing business with the CU rather than spending so much money to find new ones. The results will be better and outbound is the key.

Speaker: Pierre Cardenas has 26 years in the financial industry at both credit unions and banks. He has held executive level positions in organizations from $140 million to over a billion in assets. Pierre started his own business “Innovators of Change” in 2008 while serving as the Senior VP of Retail at a $540 million CU. In 2010 Pierre joined forces with Credit Union Lending Advice (CULA), a credit union consulting organization.  

Date 1/15/2013 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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