Teleconference: Teller Boot Camp (Part 2)

Participants will leave both workshops with plenty how-to and a renewed commitment to excel on the job!
Provide Extraordinary Service
  • Get on Purpose
  • Make Their Day
  • What the Member Wants
  • Effective Communication
  • Five Habits of Highly Successful Tellers
Ace Cross-Selling & Referrals
  • Product Knowledge Proficiency
  • Be Inquisitive, Engaging and Prepared
  • Spot Opportunities; Start Conversations
  • Suggest Solutions; Share Information
Master the Balancing Act
  • Ten Things You Must Do
  • Six Things You Never Do
  • Avoid Outages and Interruptions
  • Halt Transpositions 


Date 7/9/2013 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
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Your City, UT 84000
(801) 972-3400

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