Members of the Utah Credit Union Association


Deseret First Credit Union

Every credit union has a defined Field of Membership, a group of people with a common bond. Our Field of Membership includes members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, employees of the Church and its affiliated companies, and their immediate family members.

Once you become a member of Deseret First, you also become an owner. We strive to bring our member-owners the best financial services possible including lower loan rates, low or no fees, cutting edge technology and a great experience.

Our motto is “You Know Why, We Show How.”  You are motivated by specific passions and interests not dictated by others. Your goals and individual purpose are what drive you and make you both authentic and unique. This is your “why” and we celebrate it. As we get to know you and your needs, we can show you how to achieve your dreams financially.

Learn about some of our members and their personal “why”.

We’re here to help with all your banking needs—anything from a savings account or credit card to getting a new home or motorcycle. We also have some unique products like Missionary Savings and Student Checking. Open an account today and let us serve you!

See the many ways you can qualify for membership at Deseret First here.