Members of the Utah Credit Union Association


Horizon Utah Credit Union

We are a credit union — a not-for-profit organization that provides financial services to its members. Our members (account holders) are the owners of the institution — unlike banks, who are owned by shareholders who expect high returns on their investment. We exist solely to serve you. What does this mean? Rather than worry about making money, we spend our time ensuring you spend less of yours. Profits made by the credit union are returned to the HCU member base in the form of lower rates, fewer fees and enhanced services.

COMMUNITY. We are part of your community. We live where you do and we want to make banking convenient. Our staff is trained to call you by name.

EXPERTS. When you visit an HCU branch you can rest assured our staff will be armed with the knowledge needed to get you the products and services you require. If they don’t have an answer right then, they will always find the answers for you.

SAVINGS. Traditionally, credit unions pay higher interest rates on savings accounts.

MEMBER PERKS. Get member-only discounts, and benefits throughout the year. Last year, HCU Premiere Members were paid more than $20,000 in rebates. To find out more about membership benefits visit here: Member Relationships

JOIN. One Abraham Lincoln ($5) is all it takes to become a member. This opens your Share Savings account and the door to your financial future.