Members of the Utah Credit Union Association


Utah Heritage Credit Union

Founded in Sanpete County
Utah Heritage Credit Union has a 50 plus year history of serving the hard working men and women of Sanpete and Sevier Counties. The credit union was started by and continues to be directed by these men and women.

“Moroni Feed Credit Union” was organized on December 10, 1969 by AD Shepherd. Forty Five people were in attendance. AD Shepherd was elected temporary chairman with Mark Christensen as temporary clerk.

The first Annual Meeting for the credit union was held on February 12, 1970 at the Moroni Processing Plant. In 1970 there were 23 members of the credit union. Currently there are nearly 8,000 members of the credit union.

Due to a growing field of membership and continued growth, the credit union changed its name from Moroni Feed Credit Union to Utah Heritage Credit Union in March 2009.

Local Leadership
We’re locally controlled and directed by your friends, neighbors and family. Our goal is to run a professional and financially strong credit union. At the same time, since we are also members, we are motivated to work toward our members’ financial success. As long as we approach this relationship as a win-win, we’ll all be successful.

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