Members of the Utah Credit Union Association


Utah Power Credit Union

Behind true success is an association of people like none other.

Utah Power Credit Union has been standing side by side with members in our communities for more than 85 years. Our strong community is rooted in a solid legacy of trust, strength, and success. Much like a close family, we’ve grown—one good person at a time. Now we’re among the most respected credit unions in the country. At the center of this accomplishment is a dedication to genuine service and a commitment to offer the best interest rates that can be found.

All eligible members inherit the same access to services and offerings, regardless of their means or dreams. Why? Because unlike most financial institutions, we focus on people, not income levels. Equal treatment instead of special treatment. Straight terms over hidden fine print. Through the days, decades and generations, we help one another live better lives. After all, real power is having support from dependable companions at any, and at every stage.

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