CU Analyzer

Credit union affiliates of the Utah Credit Union Association have been granted access to Callahan & Associates CUAnalyzer for the 2018 calendar year.

CUAnalyzer is a user-friendly analytics program that takes an educational approach to helping the credit union industry understand financial performance. With CUAnalyzer, you can quickly and easily evaluate your performance relative to peer groups, understand ratios, establish meaningful benchmarks and goals, compare financial strategies, and track your progress with the latest data.

Understanding financial credit union data can be difficult for those without an extensive finance background. CUAnalyzer helps solve that problem by providing an educational analysis  tool that lets users across various departments see how their efforts impact the bottom line.

Users can look at pre-built packets featuring metrics that directly measure their department’s success. More than just lines on a graph, users actually get to learn about each measure with detailed definitions and written overviews explaining how your credit union is performing compared to its peers.

Each credit union can have an unlimited number of users on the site. To activate your user account, please contact Stephen Nelson at