Karl S. Little

was inducted into the credit union hall of fame on

March 17, 2001

Karl S. Little did more than any single individual to establish and foster the credit union movement in Utah. Much of the current strength of Utah credit unions can be attributed to his efforts to organize credit unions.

During his years in the credit union movement, he organized over 200 credit unions. In 1935 he became the first chairman of the Utah Credit Union League. In 1936, he became the League’s first managing director (president). In 1965 he retired from the position, but received the honorary title of managing director emeritus. He also served as a treasurer-manager for Utah Central Credit Union.

On a national level, Karl was elected as a national director of CUNA in 1936, and served continuously in the capacity for over 30 years. He was the vice chairman of CUNA for three years, the secretary for three years, the vice chairman of CUNA Supply Cooperative for two years, and chairman of CUNA Supply Cooperative for seven years.

Karl Little’s actions embody all that the credit union movement is about: cooperation and service. He truly is worthy of the title, “Utah’s Mr. Credit Union.”