2022 Chair/CEO and Volunteer Summit

This past weekend we held our annual Chair/CEO & Volunteer Summit! With over 180 registered attendees and a fantastic lineup of speakers, a great time was had by all! Some highlights from the two days include:

Chair/CEO Summit Highlights

  • Mike Schenk from CUNA presented credit bureau and polling data to show the quantifiable benefits credit unions have on the financial well-being of their members. 
  • Raven Soloman discussed the importance of “Generational Diversity’ and having their differing points of view in the workplace.
  • Lamont Black explained how the technology of digital currency/blockchain should be on every financial institution’s mind. 

Volunteer Summit Highlights

  • Shari Storm taught techniques for building a work culture that is drama free and where employees feel valued and empowered. 
  • Amy Downs was a teller at the Federal Employees Credit Union in Oklahoma City. She was working the day the bomb went off and killed 168 people (including over half her co-workers). She was one of the last people they rescued from the rubble alive. She is now the CEO of that same credit union (now Allegiance Credit Union), and shared how anyone can respond to a crisis in a way that will make you stronger than before. 

We look forward to this summit every year and would like to thank all who attended for making it a great event!