2022 Year in Review

Thank you for another great year! We have enjoyed working alongside you this past year to further the credit union movement and better serve our community. A few highlights from this year are:

  • Hosted 3 conferences with 737 attendees
  • Fielded 524 compliance calls and emails
  • Held 8 Credit Union Training Nights with 309 people attending
  • 1653 individuals signed up for an association events
  • Presented to 30 percent of staff and/or boards of affiliated credit unions
  • Attended 22 state and federal advocacy meetings
  • UCUA President, Scott Simpson, was elected to the CUNA board of directors
  • Monitored 23 bills and provided direct input on 6 of them
  • 95% of Utah credit unions are members of the association

Happy Holidays from us to you!