Another Great Year at the 2023 Credit Union Summit

On Friday, April 28, and Saturday, April 29, the Utah Credit Union Association hosted its 2023 Credit Union Summit—a gathering of credit union professionals from all over the Beehive State.

This annual meeting fosters a celebration of the cooperative spirit that drives credit unions as an educational opportunity, and provided 630 registrants from 32 credit unions an opportunity for networking with each other and 34 industry exhibitors.

Held for the first time at Salt Lake City’s Salt Palace, the Summit helps volunteers and staff at credit unions get a broader sense of the industry, and feel a part of something larger than their credit union. Small credit unions with just a few million in assets, to multi-billion dollar credit unions, attended the summit.

The Summit’s per credit union fee structure is unique in a context in which many conferences charge a per attendee fee. The Summit’s fee structure, tiered based on credit union asset size, allows credit unions to bring as many or as few staff members or volunteers as they like. The more people the credit union sends, the lower the per-attendee cost, and the greater the sense of team and camaraderie team members feel.

Many credit unions coordinate uniforms, even having special shirts printed just for the event, so that it’s easy to spot fellow credit union team members in the crowd.

Educational topics included instruction on the economy, managing change, credit union operations, teamwork, leadership, preventing elder abuse, member service, sales, sales culture and employee benefits.