Apply Online Now: Karl S. Little Foundation Scholarship

New this year – applications for the Karl S. Little Foundation can now be done online! The Karl S. Little Foundation provides scholarships to Western CUNA Management School, covering 80% of tuition costs.

Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of factors, such as the needs and background of the individual applying, the size and need of the credit union, and the number of applications received in the year. Priority is given to those at smaller credit unions, or to credit unions with greater need.

In our changing and uncertain world, it is more evident than ever that the long-term success of our credit unions depends on the professional development of our people. The Western CUNA Management School helps credit union management staff meet the challenges of the future, offering a powerful, up-to-date curriculum.

It prepares today’s and tomorrow’s credit union people with the depth and breadth they need to contribute to their credit union’s success and their own personal career goals — depth of knowledge to help them do their jobs better — breadth of background to make them more well-rounded and valuable members of management.

Apply for a 2023 scholarship here.