Beneficial Tips, Great information Provided at 2022 Annual Summit

Association staff at registration booth

Our two-day Credit Union Summit at the beautiful Davis Conference Center consisted of dynamic speakers presenting on a variety of topics to credit union executives, management, staff, and volunteers. With over 500 attendees and 30 exhibitors and sponsors, the summit fostered great discussion, networking and information.

Some highlights from our speakers:

Steve Rick
Inflation expectations, trends and topics for 2022:
1. Strong economic growth for the next 2 years
2. Long-term interest rates rising to 3% over the next 2 years
3. Unemployment rate below normal for next few years
4. Credit union loan growth rebounding in 2022
5. Record low net interest margins in 2022
6. Credit union mortgage originations falling 25-35% in 2022

Scott Miller
Everyone Deserves a GREAT Manager. “Be aware of what is going on in your employee’s lives. Don’t be their therapist, but know what could be impacting them.”

Linda Cohen
Kindness transforms your bottom line. “Kindness is at the basis of every aspect of a positive company culture from recruitment and retention to morale and wellness!”

Elizabeth McCormick
F.L.Y.: First Lead Yourself to achieve your greatest potential while leading others to reach theirs.

Dennis McIntee
True drama-free productivity brings a sense of progress that is a huge motivating factor for most of us. There is joy in producing and creating, in leaving a mark on the world…as long as you get off the flywheel first.

Christine Allen
As a business strategy, having the right people in the right place is one of the best ways to ensure continued success. Recruitment and retention of top-notch employees at ALL levels are imperative for your credit union!

Casey Boggs
Consumers almost equally blame the company (46 percent) and the hacker (54 percent) when a cyber-attack occurs. After an attack happens, there is plenty of “cyberblame” to go around. The blame and reputational damage usually fall on the shoulders of the company … not the bad actors.

Christine Allen
Steps for Creating a Positive Customer Service Culture
1. Hire for the right people and hire for culture
2. Treat employees well
3. Create great teams
4. Promote “psychological safety”
5. Professional development opportunities
6. Empower your employees to make decisions
7. Reward, incentivize, and provide feedback
8. Role model and reinforce your culture

Casey Boggs
When it comes to establishing purpose and maintaining a positive reputation for your credit union, staff and member trust is essential. No doubt trust is earned. The credit union’s leadership must earn this trust daily. This is bolstered by being ethical, working with purpose and embracing social responsibility, among other factors.

Jessica Vartanian
Humanize the process and make it just as easy to track a loan as it is to track a food delivery.

We had a great couple days meeting with all of our amazing credit union folks! We’re already looking forward to next year (dates to come).

To review presentations and slides from our speakers, feel free to visit this link and look under “Documents”.

Attendees enjoy the 2021 CU Summit
Photo of CU Summit
Attendees of the CU Summit
Photo of attendees at CU Summit