Diversity of Credit Unions

Artwork showing a diverse group

Credit unions were first created to provide financial services to underserved communities. To this day they are owned and controlled by the people who use their services. Members of a credit union share a ‘field of membership.’ A Field of Membership is based on a charter written by the credit union which defines the community that they serve.1 You may be able to join based on your: 

  • Employer
  • Family
  • Geographic location
  • Membership in a group

The goal of credit unions is to improve the lives of those that they serve–people helping people. They do so by using their resources and strengths, one of most valuable of those being diversity.

“Diversity within the credit union system helps credit unions to better serve their communities while financial inclusion allows credit unions to grow.”2

The National Credit Union Administration includes diversity and inclusion among its core values. “We believe they are critical business imperatives directly linked to achieving our mission. Diversity coupled with inclusion is integrated into how we do business. They are part of the fabric of our organizational culture. We recognize that each employee brings a wealth of skills, experiences, and talents, creating a workforce filled with differences. We don’t just accept these differences, we take advantage of them by seeking diverse perspectives, collaborating inclusively, and valuing the uniqueness of each member of the team.”2

Credit unions represent the community they serve with their diverse group of volunteers and staff. This helps credit unions to align themselves with the specific needs of members and it creates an environment in which members have a greater sense of belonging.2

Diversity enhances a credit union’s ability to provide inventive solutions when problems arise. A diverse team has a broader perspective that leads to better decision-making and problem solving.3 There is great value in the unique experiences, skills, talents, and perspectives that each employee, volunteer, and member have. When businesses utilize the perspectives of the people around them to make decisions, they can better help the community that they serve.

 “Diversity leads to better service, greater innovation, improved solutions and increased membership. These things make credit unions strong and sustainable, which ultimately leads to greater strength for the entire credit union system.”4


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