Power Learner Passport

Webinar Training Subscription

The Utah Credit Union Association is excited to offer an online training opportunity for affiliated credit unions in partnership with the California/Nevada League. This training package provides unlimited access to 70+ webinars and their archives throughout the year. 

This package runs from January through December each year. 

eWebinar topics cover a wide variety of issues and tasks that credit union employees and boards deal with on a daily basis. Get an idea of what is available on the eTrain website. 

The 2023 subscription fee depends on your credit union’s asset size.

  • Under $25 million: $225
  • $25 million to $75 million: $550
  • $76 million to $250 million: $2,100
  • $251 million and above: $3,200

For more info and to sign up, use this form. If you have any further questions, you may contact Liz White at liz@utahscreditunions.org.