Let’s get back in the habit of breaking bread together.

Join us for @Lunch Networking

When I’m out and about among our most excellent Utah credit unions, I frequently hear from the old-timers that, “We used to get together a lot. It was great. You knew everyone. You knew what was going on.”

That’s why, at the Association, we’re going to start up a new series of round tables—to help strengthen the networking and social fabric of our industry in Utah.

Somewhere along the line, getting together has diminished. Many factors contributed. Increased competition. More online resources. Fewer credit unions. Smart phones. Social media. The financial crisis. Recently, the pandemic made a what I would characterize as a villainous attempt to put a nail in the coffin of gathering.

However, I don’t believe there’s any substitute for getting together face-to-face. It is, by far, the best way to have a conversation and make a connection.

Taking the time to get out from behind the webcam to drive all the way to the Association offices is time consuming and can feel like an inefficient use of time. However, the time spent networking with peers almost always makes the drive worth it.

It’s because humans are social animals. There’s no substitute for spending time in the company of other people. An online meeting makes it a little hard to make eye contact, to read body language, or generally connect. Sure, it’s a great way to transact, to get business done—but it’s not a great way to connect.

Adding a meal to the equation only improves the quality of the interaction. For millennia, it’s been ritual-like to break bread with someone. It’s a sign of peace, camaraderie, and alliance. There’s something magical about the connection built when you’re sitting with someone sharing a meal, and they drop pork barbacoa on their otherwise immaculate shirt. It’s humanizing. It’s fun. Fulfilling.

Breaking bread with someone creates engagement, builds friendships, and forges alliances.

I hope you’ll take the time to join us in the effort to strengthen the networking fabric of our industry, and join our @Lunch Networking round tables.