Let’s get back in the habit of breaking bread together.

Join us for @Lunch Networking

When I’m out and about among our most excellent Utah credit unions, I frequently hear from the old-timers that, “We used to get together a lot. It was great. You knew everyone. You knew what was going on.” That’s why, at the Association, we’re going to start up a new series of round tables—to help […]

Flipping tables and disputing findings

On December 5, Scott Simpson and I joined league professionals from other NCUA Western Region states to meet with the Western Region Director, Cherie Freed, and several of her top staff members. The meeting is an annual tradition, and over the years we’ve developed a cordial rapport with Cherie. She and her team members are […]

CUs distribute wealth more evenly than banks

I’ve already posted other thoughts from reading Secrets of the Temple, a decidedly left-leaning book. One last note. A notion referred to several times in the book is that banking, generally, distributes wealth up the economic ladder—a point that’s difficult to disagree with. It goes like this: The wealthy deposit their excess funds into a financial […]

First impressions of NCUA’s CECL Tool

First impressions of NCUA’s CECL tool The short version I know you’re busy. Here’s the short version of this blog: if your credit union will have less than $100 million in assets for the foreseeable future, wants an easy solution for CECL, and doesn’t mind letting NCUA manage that for you, using NCUA’s CECL Tool is a […]

What does NCUA going to CAMELS mean?

Stylized image of line graph

What does NCUA going to CAMELS mean? Effective in April of this year, NCUA will switch its exam framework from CAMEL to CAMELS. This means that interest rate risk sensitivity will be measured separately from liquidity. Sensitivity to interest rates is the new S. Until now, it has been examined as part of the L—liquidity. […]

Chip shortage could hit card issuers

Image of microchip on credit card

Chip shortage could hit card issuers For months we’ve been hearing about chip shortages in relation to trucks and electronics. So far, the financial services industry has (mercifully) been relatively unaffected by the chip shortage. However, based on this article from FIS, the chip shortage could affect credit and debit cards that have, well, an EMV chip in them. […]