Flipping tables and disputing findings

On December 5, Scott Simpson and I joined league professionals from other NCUA Western Region states to meet with the Western Region Director, Cherie Freed, and several of her top staff members. The meeting is an annual tradition, and over the years we’ve developed a cordial rapport with Cherie. She and her team members are […]

CUs distribute wealth more evenly than banks

I’ve already posted other thoughts from reading Secrets of the Temple, a decidedly left-leaning book. One last note. A notion referred to several times in the book is that banking, generally, distributes wealth up the economic ladder—a point that’s difficult to disagree with. It goes like this: The wealthy deposit their excess funds into a financial […]

Is Compliance Ready for AI?

Is anyone else fascinating by ChatGPT and other natural language AI chatbot’s? Maybe you’re wondering if this new piece of technology can help you with your job as a compliance professional. Maybe you’re worried that AI technology will make compliance professionals obsolete. I wanted to see what ChatGPT could do if it replaced me at the […]

Dwelling Secured Loans Without Land

Stylized image of the words "great question"

Question: Our member is purchasing a mobile home as a primary dwelling with 30% down making our loan amount $40,000. There is no land involved, just a lot space rent each month.   Are we required to use consumer loan documents or mortgage loan documents?  What regulations apply?  Are we required to ATR this baby?  By […]

And so it begins–2023 Legislative Session

It’s day 1 of the 2023 Utah state legislative session.  We’ve been tracking the movement of several potential bills. At least one just made the leap from idea to bill. Here’s what we’re seeing right out of the gate: SB 97 Public Contract Requirements: This is the first in a series of bills we call […]