Robbery Prevention Training

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The goal of this course is to help Credit Union staff and security personnel to consider ways to prevent robberies at their facilities as well as to keep them and the members safe from traumatizing experiences caused by a robbery.

Safety Measures 

From 2003 to the present, Credit Union robberies have been on the decline. Law enforcement credits it to there being better safety measures in place. Things like robbery deterrence signs, security cameras, panic buttons and silent alarms, bullet-resistant glass, and barriers. Safety Measures that will be address include:

  • Visibility & Lighting
  • Secure Entry/Exit Points
  • Cash Management
  • Regular Security Audits

Training and Preparation

Training and preparation are valuable for deterrence. Developing and regularly rehearsing robbery response procedures ensure that staff members know what to do in case of a robbery, including how to activate alarms, provide descriptions of suspects, and help law enforcement. Get your repetitions in before you need to use them. In this section we will discuss:

  • Listen with your eyes
  • 40 Bits vs 20 Million Bits of Information
  • Complying With Robbers’ Demands
  • Activate Emergency Protocols
  • Collaborate with Law Enforcement
  • As We Train So Shall We Fight

Techniques to Prevent a Robbery

Prevention techniques are not limited to physical security measures. We will discuss techniques you can practice to prevent a robbery once the robber is in the credit union. In this section we will discuss:

  • 2022 Partial Bank/ Credit Union Stats
  • Understanding Human Nature Response
  • Become Likeable
  • Community Engagement
  • Conversation not Interrogation
  • Body Language


Troy Smith is a Negotiation Instructor and Coach at The Black Swan Group, he is a retired San Antonio Police Department officer who spent 23 years with the department, including 22 years in specialized units—such as the SWAT/Crisis Negotiators team and the U.S. Marshals’ Fugitive Task Force. During his career, Troy was involved in more than 300 hostage negotiations, including 270 as a lead negotiator. He never lost any of them.  



November 18, 2024 9:00 am(GMT-06:00)

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